Tech @ store2be


We like gitmoji 😜

We are searching for coders who ...

... are enthusiastic about what they are doing and see their profession as a passion.
... are interested in cutting edge technology and learning new things.
... know that TDD and linters are the way to go.
... can't imagine working without Git.
... see giving and receiving code reviews as their normal work.
... like an international startup culture.
... want to deploy continuously.
... enjoy an open feedback culture.
... want to work with UNIX systems.
... are based in Berlin or willing to move.

We like to do things together such as ...

... going to meetups, for example:
Ruby | AWS | React | Nodeschool
... building small projects during Friday afternoon hacks.
... getting fit for the beach in the gym.

With these folks you will have the pleasure to work with

Peter from Germany

Backbone of the tech team

He started coding in the early days of his childhood but needed another 10 years or so to get his first web project up and running. Back then, PHP was his language of choice. This changed when he started working with Ruby.

Now he is a fullstack engineer and the preferred language is the one that fits best for the job.

Currently interested in Kubernetes and Rust.

Fausto from Uruguay

Master of the frontend

He started coding while studying International Business, and eventually decided to fully dedicate his time to development. After several projects as a freelancer and two internships, he decided to move abroad to work as a full-time developer.

He enjoys discovering new technologies and is currently trying to delve into game development with a pet project in his spare time.

Tom from France

All-purpose bunker buster

Years of continuous exposure to Linux have made Tom an avid programmer, starting his journey with Perl and Scheme, encountering Python and web development along the way, and continuing today with a mix of Ruby, Javascript and Rust for his personal projects.

His main areas of interest these days as a fullstack developer are testing, devops and functional programming.

Backend in one sentence

Talking to all the services out there and putting the data together while providing a nice, clean and stable API to the frontend team.

Frontend in one sentence

Taking the API and building apps with an awesome UX and complex data structures.

Open positions

Backend Developer (m/f)
Frontend Developer (m/f)
UI-Developer / Frontend Designer (m/f)

You like to work in a highly motivated and skilled tech team in a startup? Then send us your application to and tell us a little bit about yourself. If there isn't an open position at the moment don't hesitate to send us your application anyway. We might open one up for you ;)