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5 Underdog Offline Marketing Strategies You Seriously Need to Consider for your Business

Find out here how you can improve your brand and business through these simple yet effective strategies.

Kourtney Kirton

Kourtney Kirton

10 min. read • March 13, 2019

5 Underdog Offline Marketing Strategies

5 Underdog Offline Marketing Strategies You Seriously Need to Consider for your Business

Find out here how you can improve your brand and business through these simple yet effective strategies.

Kourtney Kirton

Kourtney Kirton

10 min. read • May 12, 2019

Online marketing campaigns appear to have become increasingly more popular than their offline counterparts; not least because analytical tools such as Google Analytics promise instant analyses and optimization possibilities. Being able to advertise online easily without much of a budget or required expertise is appealing to many marketers.

Said motives might encourage several businesses to focus on merely advertising online, thus ignoring traditional marketing channels which is grossly negligent from a company’s perspective. Every single consumer finds himself bombarded with and exposed to a plethora of ads both online and offline. This overstimulation results in the inability of customers to truly filter interesting offers while it is becoming increasingly tough for brands to stand out from the existing surplus.

Numerous companies have decided to entirely abandon the offline marketing channel as a means of communication which might entail severe setbacks and could leave many potential customers beyond reach.

What do we mean by Offline Marketing?

Broadly speaking, an offline marketing strategy involves any marketing approach that is not based on and neither requires the Internet as a medium. Offline marketing therefore includes extensive techniques such as TV, radio and print advertising but does also take in so-called out-of-home (OOH) media which in turn combines outdoor advertising, event media and live communication and aims at grasping the consumer on the move.

The main advantage of offline marketing lies within its physical presence towards the consumer that is often associated with more integrity than the online equivalent is able to deliver. Contrary to online marketing, offline methods can be used to address a very specific target audience to sustainably strengthen customer loyalty.

An appearance at an exhibition – which represents a valuable tool especially in B2B marketing – might result in gathering appreciated customer feedback almost straightaway plus the expected target audience can be clearly defined in advance.

5 of the most valuable Offline Marketing Strategies

  • Strive for Customer Contact
  • Participate in Trade Fairs and Events
  • Constantly Improve your Brand’s Appearance and Presentation
  • Customization
  • Create Added Value

As mentioned above, various forms and methods of offline marketing do exist and it is hardly assessable to predict which one(s) might turn out best for a specific company. Nevertheless, marketers must not underestimate their effectiveness and purview. Listed below are five of the arguably most valuable offline approaches that can help companies to successfully integrate the offline channel into their proprietary business strategy.

  • 1.

    Strive for Customer Contact

    Face-to-face networking undoubtedly is one of the most promising offline marketing tools as it facilitates the personal contact to both existing and potential customers as well as adding a complexion to the – in some cases – otherwise impersonal business. No technology (however advanced it might be) will replace in-person touch points and a truly immersive customer relationship in the near future. According to a recent Hubspot study, 95% of the respondents are convinced that face-to-face meetings are essential for enduring business connections.

  • 2.

    Participate in Trade Fairs and Events

    The primary obvious advantage that companies can gather form attending e.g. a trade show is the target audience that can be clearly outlined prior to the event taking place which results in attending fairs being a very beneficial offline practice. Direct customer contact (see above) goes along with said argument as well as the useful opportunity of gaining qualitative leads on site (e.g. by collecting email addresses of people interested in the particular product or service, respectively). Attending trade fairs is not solely promising from a B2B point of view as expositions such as German IFA or CES in the US attracted as many as 250,000 visitors in 2016 – with many interested end consumers amongst them.

  • 3.

    Constantly Improve your Brand's Appearance and Presentation

    A flawless product and a supposedly promising business idea are useless without employing proper marketing. Corporate communications must be congruent both online and offline and most importantly needs to be customized to perfectly fit the desired target audience. A brand’s appearance requires constant improvement if need be to remain up-to-date and expressive, especially with regard to current competition and possible shifts of the market.

  • 4.


    Should your product fail to individually address your targeted consumer, chances are he will look for existing alternatives available on the market. It is therefore immensely relevant to have your product custom-built, thus directly approaching and capturing consumers. Personalized approaches will stick in the customer’s mind and could possibly result in them feeling appreciated and connect a positive association with your brand. The usage of targeting, geomarketing or digital OOH marketing methods enables a company to individually approach consumers even in the offline environment. Who knows, maybe we will all be soon enjoying personalized ads as much as Tom Cruise in Spielberg’s 2002 Sci-Fi blockbuster Minority Report.

  • 5.

    Create Added Value

    It might sound petty but the creation of added value for the customer is often underestimated and underappreciated by many companies. Any marketing campaign (online and offline) should aim at generating a perceived advantage for the consumer. It is at this point relevant to highlight the maxim of content marketing which is said creation of added value with the help of relevant content: a high ranking in search engine result pages or decent SEO should be seen as pleasant side effects but no primary goals as customer satisfaction is key and top priority for a company’s success. Seeking quality instead of mass is another main concern as content that is created to achieve a high response rate instead of being formulated in order to best reach the audience in question is rarely successful in the long run (maybe you remember the click-bait-hype – but did you ever find those articles valuable?) Consider the distribution of a high number of brochures or flyers: even though it might appear as an inexpensive way to reach many potential customers, a vast amount of flyers will end up thrown away carelessly which could result in an image damage for the company concerned. Instead, business should focus on high-value advertising media that are effective and best meet the target audience’s demands.

Generally speaking, offline marketing efforts remain a valuable marketing tool whose disregard is negligible despite the current digitalization trend. One of the main factors of a customer’s buying decision is emotionality which is still best conveyed offline and personally. Companies that decide to implement an online-only marketing strategy are risking the exclusion of entire potentially promising customer segments because still, not every consumer of a target group is to be reached on an internet-connected device. It is therefore most recommendable to try and grasp customers both online and offline and make use of the advantages that both channels are able to offer.

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