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Frequently Asked Questions about our vision, our company, our platform and our conditions.


Popup means a temporary steady presence. The popup concept is the ideal opportunity for the flexible, steady appearance with low costs and to directly address new customers. Popups are especially used to sharpen the own brand image, to accompany the market entry, to present new products, to reach new customers, to sell products and to give the customer an experience.
Store-in-store means the appearance of brands and products in existing retail businesses respectively shopping centers and special places. At companies can book store-in-store action and selling spaces to promote or sell their products, brands or services. The tenants especially benefit from the guaranteed customer frequency and the existing infrastructure that store-in-store concepts provide.
If there is a mistake on our platform, we will be thankful for a short message at We are glad for every feedback that we get! If you have questions about your bookings, please contact our customer service:
On our homepage tenants can find the right space for their brand and products. When a tenant found the right space(s) for his purpose, he can send us a nonbinding request. Once store2be has all necessary information of the tenant, the booking request will be conveied to the renter. After the renter's confirmation, the booking process will be initiated. Renters can register their stores and spaces in a few steps on store2be. Once a space gets published, tenants can send a booking request. After they sent a request, the renter has the full right to decide which tenants are allowed to appear in his store and which not.
store2be is the online marketplace for steady event and selling spaces in shopping centers, retail businesses and special places like e.g. gyms or bars. At companies can easily book store-in-store spaces that fit to their brand and products and thus appear at the right time to reach the right customers. Space renters can register their spaces at for free and thereby rent them flexibly to exciting brands and companies.

For tenants

You can request a space directly trough the individual space profile. Just choose your desired booking date on the right side under "booking request" and send a nonbinding request. To send the request you have to create a profile on store2be. After a successful login you find your booking requests in the overview. In the detailed view of the bookings you can add information to your booking.
When you got registered and sent your request, we check it and give it to the renter. The renter can accept or refuse the request during 10 days. When he accepts the request the contracts of tenancy will be prepared and the booking process gets initiated.
Once the space owner accepted a request, the contract of tenancy gets demanded from the renter or is provided by store2be. After that the contract can be downloaded in the detailed view of the respective booking. You have to sign it and upload the signed contract back into the booking overview. Finally the contract of tenancy gets send to the renter for subscription and the booking can be realised.
You find the right space for your brand and products in three steps: 1. Choose your desired city where you would like to appear or tipe the name of it into the search field on our homepage. 2. Then you get to a listing of all stores in your chosen city. A click on the fitting store brings you to the profile of the space where you can send a nonbinding request. 3. When you are looking for a city where the spaces are not published on pur platfrom yet, you can send us your space request through the search view or the navigation bar.
Through a temporary steady presence you reach new customer goups an create a lasting brand experience. The interaction on the space brings you valuable customer feedback. At the right spaces for your brand and products will be found only with a few clicks. At store2be you can request more than 500 event and selling spaces in more than 25 cities directly. You benefit from the customer frequency in retail stores and shopping centers. Spaces can be booked flexibly for only one day or several months. Space bookings and payment transactions are easily handled on the store2be platform. Store2be makes the easy communication with the space owner possible. If you need it, we will provide you with a fitting booth, a mobile payment system and promotion staff for your event.
Companies already can book over 1.000 event and selling spaces in shopping centers, several retail businesses, DIY markets, concept stores and gyms among others at store2be. This portfolio steadily gets extended. If you have a specific space request, please inform us about it. For the reason that not all spaces are listet publicly at store2be you can send an email with your desired request at
If you have not found the right space yet, you easily can send us your space request through the navigation bar. After that we look for individual space suggestions that could fit to your request. The more specific your space request is, the better the space suggestions we can offer to you.
With a space request you can inform us about which customers you want to address and in which cities you want to appear. You can tell us your space request through the navigation bar in the menu item "request space". There we also describe you which information we need to edit your request.
The registration of a tenant's profile and the space requests are for free. When a successful booking is arranged, store2be charges a service fee on top of the tenancy interest. The specific and current amount of the service fee is visible on the store2be website under The fee primarily gets charged when the contract of tenancy is signed by both parties.
At sore2be spaces already can be rent for one day up to six months. Some spaces have to be rent for at least a specific time which is determined by the renter and is visible on the space's profile.
You can create your tenant's profile through the menu item "register" in the navigation bar or after a space request. Right after you confirmed your email address, you have full access to the platform. Then you can request spaces and manage your bookings.
If required, you can book additional services at store2be for your offline appearance. At the moment we offer the following options: A modular booth system (roll up, counter and so on) for tenancy, a booth system (roll up, counter and so on) offered for sale and promotion staff. The right staff for your event we will find with the help of our partner. For this just contact our customer service: We also provide you with mobile payment systems. If you need them, you can contact our customer service, too:

For store owners

Once the space owner accepted a request, the contract of tenancy gets demanded from the renter or is provided by store2be. After that the contract can be downloaded in the detailed view of the respective booking and get signed by the tenant. Finally the contract will be send to the renter. He has to sign it, too. Afterwards the booking can be undertaken.
The appropriate price of a space depents on the location and the customer frequency of the store. Our customer service can support you with the determination of the space prices:
To register a space you primarily have to enter the name and the category of your store and the description of the first space. To rent a store successfully it would be helpful to enter the opening hours, the address, a description and attractive photos of the store aswell as the prices of the spaces additionally.
We help you willingly with the registration and entry of your spaces. Therefor you can contact our customer support:
The usage of our platform and the registration of your stores and spaces is for free. We charge a service fee on top of the tenancy interest when a booking got successfully arranged and the contract of tenancy ist signed by both parties. But the service fee only affects the tenant. The specific and current amount of the service fee is visible on the store2be website under For you as a renter store2be remains free to 100%.
You as a renter generate additional rental revenues. New brands and products bring variety in your store and enhance the shopping experience of your end customers. With changing popup events in youre stores you reach new customer groups that did not know your store before. You keep the full control and decide who is allowed to appear on your space. You can manage your spaces easily and with low efforts in your personal overview. Store2be gives you a marketing solution for spaces that can be rent for free.
registration: Just register yourself through the menu item ""offer a space"" on the top right side in the navigation bar. After entering all necessary data you get an email with a confirmation link. You have to click on this link to finish the registration successfully. login: After the confirmation of your email address you will be led to a login form. Alternatively you can use the menu item ""login"" in the navigation bar. There you have to enter your email address and your password. register store & space: Now register your store and the space in it that you would like to offer in your profile. New stores can be registered in the menu item ""my stores"" and then ""add store"". After the successful registration of your store and the space in it you get to an overview with all your entries about your store and the space. Here you have the chance to register more spaces, edit your information and add photos and documents (e.g. descriptions, gound plans). publish space(s): When you filled in all important information about the store and the space, added photos and possibly uploaded other documents, you can publish your space(s). To do so you have to click on the button ""edit"" in the right window ""spaces in this store"". Afterwards you have to click on the button ""publish"". As long as the space is not published, it is invisible for potential tenants.
For the selection of your photos for your stores and spaces it is important that your space is showed from every perspective. This hepls tenants to get a good impression of the space. Furthermore the photos should bei uploaded in the horizontal format with a high resolution. Then the spaces can be presented optimally on To get an idea of what we mean it might be helpful for you to look at some of the photos of spaces that are already published on our platform.

Further Questions?

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